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Partygoer or night there’s always a time that you need to unwind, gulp a bit, keep your cheeks flushing, and do the groove. Clubbing is always a good way to relieve stress, well, probably only to those who love booming sounds and sexy girls. One of the good things about clubbing is that you get to socialize and spend the night away without looking at your PC. Come on, clubbing for at least once a week won’t do any harm to your life, right? Hence, if you’re in Tokyo and you feel the need to groove your night away, here are the most famous night clubs in the city.

Ageha – Ageha is the Japanese term of the word swallowtail butterfly, which opened last December 2003, and is currently dubbed as one of the biggest night clubs in Tokyo, Japan. The club is mostly filled with some of the most fashionable club hoppers in the country; thanks to its spacious dance floor that can accommodate thousands, large chill out space in the outdoor area, and an open terrace swimming pool. Surely, may be quite old but it’s always has been competitive. It has hosted numerous popular DJ’s in the music arena David Guetta, Space Cowboy, and Paul van Dyk. Wondering how to get to the place? Ageha has a free train ride from the east exit of Shibuya station in Tokyo to the club and a free return ride as well.

Womb – Strange as this club’s name sounds; Womb is no stranger to those who know how to party. It was voted as one of the top nightclubs in the world by djmag spread; thanks to its great sound quality, strobes, and state-of-the-art music system. On the one hand, its outdoor appeal is considered plain without any trace of life inside the building. It’s got four floors and whichever floor you want to go to, there’s always giant mirror ball to keep everyone entertained and up until morning. Its fourth floor is usually booked for VIPs who usually has women in formal dresses as arm candies. Nevertheless, you need an ID for entry or say goodbye to a grinding night if you don’t have one.

Village – A newly-opened night club in Tokyo this year, Village is renowned for its plush amenities, which range from comfy sofas, exhilarating and spectacular sound systems, and just about explosions everywhere. There’s never a single corner in Village that’s boring and plain. Located in Azabu/Roponggi area, Village takes pride of its amiable staff and wide plethora of choices of drinks. There’s not a dreary night since it houses some of the best DJs Tokyo and the international music world have to offer.

Finally, each of these night clubs come with particular rules and regulations. Bringing an identification card and being a minor are two of the major no-no’s in most of these large night clubs. Hence, it is better to check it out before pulling out those gorgeous party dresses for the night.

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JPNEach country in the entire world has something good to offer to its visitors when it comes to good places to see and stay. When it comes to that, Japan is one of the wonderful places to visit and stay especially because summer is fast approaching and everyone may have the break from their work. If you wish to experience another level of experience with your vacation, then the best place to visit would be Japan. They have the entire ideal place to stay if you wish something different and something new kind of travel.

When it comes to booking a travel, you have to start planning for the travel now and see to it that you can have all the papers that you need for the destination. When it comes to planning a vacation in Japan, you still have to have a pre-look of their top destinations so that you can have a precise place to go into during the vacation days. In that case, here is something I can help you. Here are the top places that you can opt to visit when you fly straight to Japan.

  1. Tokyo, the Capital City. Japan is being famous well because of their well established capital city known as Tokyo. Just like some well-industrialized cities, Tokyo is also one of those cities in the entire world which can offer you a lot of things to enjoy. It has been known also as the techno whizz place where anyone can have the chance to see personally the different and modern gadgets that they have displayed in the different gallery. You can also get the chance to enjoy their city lights by walking around the entire city.
  2. The Old Capital Kyoto. If you wish to get into something historical and traditional, then Kyoto is the best place that you have to visit. In this place, you learn get the chance of learning some historical facts about Japan and the traditional way of lives that they had long before the modernization took place. You can also get the chance to see their old temple and wooden castle which has been one of their old and traditional scenes there.
  3. The place called Hakone. This is just a place which will take you few hours from the capital city. In this place, you can visualize clearly the Mount Fuji, the famous and tallest mountain in Japan and you will also enjoy riding a boat across their lake.
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Japan is one of the widely held tourist last stop. With its picturesque beauty, tranquil rivers and luxurious green scenery, this island state attracts millions of travellers from all throughout the world each year. Apart from its usual beauty, Japan also bids comfortable lodging, tons of outdoor undertakings and historic places to stopover.

By way of there are plenty of general places to stay in Japan counting World Heritage places, natural memorials, museums, domestic geoparks and significant sites, you want to plan your trip tactfully to relish all the locations. Some famous places to stay in are recorded below:

Mount Fuji:

Mount Fuji is reflected as one of the consecrated peaks is a popular hiking spot for guests. In 2009, approximately 300,000 persons scaled Mount Fuji. The finest period to trek up Mount Fuji is beginning July to August. For the duration of the climbing season, lodging and other amenities are obtainable to offer an improved hiking feel for visitors. If you are scheduling to visit Mount Fuji for the period of the peak time of year make certain to book the flight ticket to evade needless delays later.

Himeji Castle:

Himeji castle also recognized as White Heron Castle is a best example of ideal Japanese castle construction. The castle has a system of 83 buildings counting storehouses, strips, entrances, and towers with forward-thinking defensive structures from the medieval period. It is the greatest viewed fortress in Japan and one of the principal UNESCO World Heritage Places in the nation. When you stopover Japan, attempt to observe the loveliness of his ancient castle that depicts the Japanese castle construction and medieval period self-justifying system in a remarkable way.

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